For a brilliant finish!

Menzerna Cut Force Pro

This high-performance polish powerfully removes scratches, sanding and wear marks at top speed.

Innovative polishing technology from the Menzerna laboratory ensures maximum removal while maintaining excellent gloss.

The polish takes paint repair to a new level, restores the shine to heavily used clear coats and creates a noble deep gloss.

Menzerna Super Heavy Cut 300

The ultimate sanding polish for modern automotive clear coats with maximum sanding effect and the latest technology.

SHC 300 removes P1200 grit sanding marks and signs of usage in the shortest time possible without damaging the surface.

Without agressieve solvents.

Menzerna Heavy Cut 400

The professional polish for automotive clear coats – with a new and improved formula – always leaves a glistening impression.

As the detailers’ favourite polish, it eliminates sanding marks in record time, quickly removes scratches on the car and generates gloss all the way to the finish.

Thanks to cutting-edge polishing technology with diminishing abrasives.

Menzerna Heavy Cut 1000

This powerful polish quickly and thoroughly removes scratches in car paint, scrapes, spray and heavy signs of use.

The Menzerna automotive polish for the speedy removal of sanding marks.

Optimized for use with FOAM polishing pads.

Menzerna Heavy Cut 1100

This powerful polish quickly and thoroughly removes scratches in car paint, scrapes, spray and heavy signs of use.

The Menzerna automotive polish for the speedy removal of sanding marks.

Optimized for use with WOOL polishing pads.

Menzerna Medium Cut 2200

A safe bet for speedy success. A Medium Cut automotive polish for slight and moderately deep scratches.

This fine abrasive polish eliminates the polishing marks/smears of abrasive compounds in the blink of an eye and takes care of car wash scratches.

Best value for money in the Medium Cut segment.

Menzerna Medium Cut 2500

This Medium Cut polish offers the ideal combination of sanding mark removal and gloss on automotive clear coats.

Ideally suited for the polishing of moderately deep scratches and the removal of signs of use.

Exceptional gloss as standard.

Menzerna Final Finish 3000

This standard high-gloss polish removes swirls and car wash scratches with the utmost reliability and paves the way for exceptional automotive gloss.

Menzerna Super Finish 3500

This world-beating polish removes polishing marks, micro scratches, and holograms to ensure a flawless mirror finish.

Because of its dark color, this high-gloss polish is particularly ideal for polishing black and other dark car coats.

Menzerna Super Finish 3800

This automotive polish boasts genuine star quality and polishes micro scratches and holograms for sparkling performance.

It is the perfect choice when it comes to achieving maximum high gloss for black/dark coats.

Finish polish for maximum deep shine.

Menzerna Power Protect Ultra 2in1

Top performance all the way: not only removes fine smears and holograms, but also creates a protective, dirt-repellent film.

It contains carnauba wax, which protects the car coat following polishing of the holograms.

Menzerna Ceramic Spray Sealant

Easy and quick to apply spray sealant with very high water-repellent effect.

The spray sealant protects the surface from environmental influences and deposits and is extremely dirt-repellent.

An unbeatable product for every user in all areas of vehicle detailing.

Premium long-lasting sealant.

Menzerna Liquid Carnauba Protection

Liquid carnauba wax for long-lasting protection, combined with a soft, natural feel and brilliant deep shine.

For noticeably smoother surfaces.

The high-quality carnauba wax can be easily applied, either with or without a polishing machine.

Power Lock Ultimate Protection

This specialist product with staying power not only offers a long-lasting seal, but also reliably protects against environmental influences.

The polymer sealant boasts an unbeatable beading effect, not to mention peerless deep shine.

Also suitable as a long-lasting coat sealant for new vehicles.

Menzerna Sealing Wax Protection

This auto coat sealant creates a protective, dirt-repellent film.

The polishing wax generates deep shine and brilliance on the surface of the coat.

Standard sealant.

Menzerna Endless Shine

Quick Detailer Endless Shine is like a wellness treatment for all automotive coats.

This detailing spray effortlessly removes light specks of dust, water marks and bird droppings to leave behind a smooth and shiny finish.

Includes an outstanding beading effect.

Suitable for a variety of surfaces, including paint, glass, plastic and metal.

Menzerna Control Cleaner

This matchless cleaning spray enables visual inspection of the coat surface being treated and removes polishing residues, grease and dirt.

Ideal for ensuring a clean base coat to prepare for sealing.

Menzerna Control Cleaner boasts smear-free application and outstanding wipe properties.

Menzerna Gelcoat Premium One-Step Polish

A glossy finish that is a sight for sore eyes.

This boat polish – especially developed for gel coat (fiberglass) – removes scratches/signs of use and generates gloss.


Menzerna Gelcoat Premium Gloss

A flawless mirror finish for boats.

The Gelcoat Premium Gloss boat polish does a superb job on dark gel coat surfaces.

Glide effortlessly across the water thanks to a flawlessly smooth finish.

Elegance meets functional excellence thanks to this high-gloss polish for sailboats and motorboats alike.


Menzerna Gelcoat Premium Protection

Cutting-edge polymer technology enables a visibly fresher and noticeably smoother gel coat finish.

Effervescent effect: less resistance, lower consumption.

This sealant offers durable, long-lasting protection for your boat.